Monday, June 20, 2011

Pasta Veggies and Chicken - Dinner at Home

Spent the day (yesterday) doing a lot of nothing ... and spent the evening supervisong the boys from work cleaning the windows and window ledges. Suddenly decided that I was going to whip up dinner.

Looked around and decided to make a healthy dinner - as healthy as I could whilst still being tasty. Quickly cubed some carrots, cut some beans into one inch lengths and chopped some celery finely. Cut some boneless (Godrej) chicken breast into strips and marinated it in some salt, pepper, some superb Portuguese olive oil and a dash of white wine vinegar. Drained the beans, sprinkled in the celery and then drained the carrots over that to release the celery flavours whilst keeping the little bits crisp. Quickly put some bow-tie pasta to boil and grilled the marinated chicken strips (with a spriknle of dried parseley) in some more of the Portuguese olive oil. Slapped all the ingredients together in a large glass bowl, drizzled a spoonful of melted butter over the top and - Voila!! - dinner.

Monday evening comfort food ... nothing spectacular, just solid, healthy one bowl dinner. Farfelle with Carrots, Beans, Celery and Pan fried strips of Chicken.


  1. Looks lovely! How long should we marinate the chicken? Did u steam the carrots and beans?

  2. @ Sassy Fork
    I marinated the chicken for 30 mins (ie basically i started by cutting and marinating the chicken ... so basically the time it took me to get the rest of the ingredients chopped and steamed)

    i prefer to boil the veggies till al dente ... just steaming leaves them a bit slimy :) I put the carrots to steam and then quickly cleaned chopped and put the beans to boil, finely chopped the celery, drained the beans, spread celery over them in the colander and then checked on and drained the carrots over the celery/beans. let them sit there whilst the pasta boiled and then (after draining the pasta separately) tossed them all in a bowl :)