Thursday, June 9, 2011

Double cooked slices of Roast Beef with an Onion and 'Tater Gravy

27th May 2011

My old Friend Jubal and his sister Gia came down to Kharghar to spend a couple of days with us. In true old style she brought something with her - Roast Beef the way her grandma made it!

Whilst Jubal and I did our best to gently imbibe some single malt (a 10yr old Ardbeg) Gia whizzed into our kitchen and soon made some superb sliced roast beef for us to nibble on with our booze.

Gia and Jubal

Gia slicing one of the two roasts to her spec

Gia slow frying the slices till they are almost charred ... slowly bringing out all the flavours.


8th  June 2011 

Inspired by her craftsmanship I decided yesterday to do the other roast in the other manner she had recommended ... she recommended cooking thick cut onions with potatoes in the leftover gravy before re-introducing the roast beef sliced slightly thick.

So I sliced up the onions and ecided to go with sliced rounds of the taters (for max flavour absorption), sliced the Beef and then put the gravy to heat with some water and the onions, and a good dash of freshly crushed pepper and half teaspoon of salt, on a very low flame.

When the onions had been in for 15 minutes i added the taters and let it cook for a further 15 minutes.

We served the the gravy with the onions and potatoes as a sauce with a  gorgeous Onion and Sundried Tomato Bread Plait from Chef Raunak at Potpourri (Vashi).

Needless to say it was superb ..... Thank u Gia!!

Gia Fernandes ... Baker and Confectioner Extraordinaire and Goddess of Roast Beef.


  1. PS This post id dedicated to my bro-in-law Neel .... a mean trencherman and a superb cook!

  2. Reading this post is the only thing which will make me consider eating red meat ! :)

  3. Sumanjit Kaur Tripathy-OBSESSIONJune 9, 2011 at 2:10 AM

    YUM !!

  4. Sounds Yummy Khurush! Knew you guys had it in for something as delicious as this blog! Keep writing and posting! Also like the Name of your Blog- though I thot- Digs Eats and Feeds (without the commas) is also quite apt, tho it leaves out the archaeological pick to it. Am a fan of Lynn Truss too- Her book "With One Lousy Free Packet of Seed" is quite hilarious. Maybe you could package that into one of your "biteable" blogs:-)

  5. Kurush! Remove all those descriptors for me and just say - Gia Fernandes - Glutton, who sometimes feeds the people that she loves :-P
    Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed the roast beef the other way too. But someday soon I want to make my roast pork for you guys, I've been told that it's the best thing that I cook. That, and my famous Goan peas pulao.

    Btw, you conveniently forgot to mention that you not only picked us up AND dropped us back AND treated us to some amazing food AND took us for a movie AND showed us all around Kharghar AND I could go on and on... You and Rhea are the best hosts ever - I will never forget the breakfast we had. So thank you both!!!!

  6. Simplicity in a meal is sometimes the best part and this was one such meal. Simple, no fuss and incredibly delicious! Thanks a ton Gia for bringing us the roast beef. Both styles were simply incredible..