Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Infamous 'DC Punch' recipe and a bit of it's history.

Back in late 1991 ... Johnny, Tim, Jubal and I decided to convince the folks at DC to have a party ... we collected bout Rs 30/- each from all the party goers and decided to get an amp, speakers and some alcohol.

We got the amplifier and speakers and then realised we didn't really have much money left over .... so we decide to make a cheap punch ... just something to loosen up the party goers .... surprisingly the punch was a hit and we made it regularly and it became a permanent fixture at all DC parties for the next few years and I became the punch maker.

The only alcohol readily available (ie cheap) was army canteen Rum ... either Old Monk or Golden Bell, we bought it either from one of the watchmen or from the Sardar tailor next to Chandrama, we all drank this at the boys hostel with tap water .... but figured the ladies wouldn't quite appreciate this so we decided to buy some Rasna ... for variety we bought one Lemon and one Orange, 'borrowed' sugar from the Mess along with a large patila (vessel). We soon realised we had too many people, too little rum and almost no money ...... so we decided to improvise ... Jubal and I got on to the old Lambretta and headed to Ahura Wines at Yeravada and picked up what came to be known henceforth as the secret ingredient - a bottle of Narangi/Santra (Orange flavoured Government Country Liquor) .... a dash of lime juice and some mint leaves later the DC Punch was born .... the rest was history.

19 years later (for the DC Alumni Reunion) by popular demand I recreated the Punch ... only this time the recipe was tweaked a bit and substituted Blue Riband Gin instead of the Narangi.

Here's what went into the Punch that nite:

4 Bottles of Rum
1 Bottle of Gin
2 Bottles of Orange Squash
2 Bottles of Lemon Squash
Juice of 12 Limes
2 Bundles of chopped Mint
5 Kg of Ice (in one large block)
15 litres of Cold Water
..... and lots of TLC.

The Rum going in ...

 The Gin joining the Rum

The Punch Maker in action.

Uday hesitatingly pouring in the water under Dam's watchful gaze.

Tejbir and Menaka .... in anticipation.

Stirring it all together

The Final ingredient ... The Pudina

My No1 Fan (at left) and chief taster with Aditi

Hostelites .... checking out the punch

The Punch being consumed.

The Effect of Punch ..... :)


  1. ...and what a punch it packed! Much dancing and much drinking followed. What better certificate of approval does a punch need?

  2. 4 Bottles of Rum??!!
    Cheers to new blog Kurush....here's wishing you much success!

  3. Wow! Even now, after all these years, I want to hang out with my big brother's friends and do what they do :-)
    I remember the old Lambretta!
    And that punch sounds like it will knock me out even if I just sniff it!!!

  4. I think this is the best way (post) to begin a food blog ! woohooo... im already on a high ...

  5. @ Gia
    both me n Jubal had Lamby's ... both black.
    mine was an old family heirloom and Jubals we bought for a 1000 Rs from an ex-student ... those were the days!!

    the punch was superb and tasted just like i remember ... and others felt the same way too :)

  6. Incredible!!! Just can't say anything else. The after effect still on!